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Welcome to A. S. Helwig's portfolio.  Enjoy!
All images are copyrighted by A. S. Helwig. 

Nosehill Morning. Plein air painting
18 x 24 inches acrylic on canvas

Painting available at Helwig Studio


 “ Helwig is a southern Alberta artist who masterfully evokes the drama of a storm

coming over the prairie, as well as the mythical beauty of the Rockies when seen

from a distance,”  Sally MacKinnon,  in September/October issue of  Where  Magazine



“….For me the most important part is the process of making the art work; of getting lost in really looking at something and deciding what marks to put down.  At times it’s the unexpected opportunity that arises in a work.”   Helwig quoted in an interview by Ruth Spivak  in The Western Parent, Education and Learning Disabilities Awareness Issue, February/ March 2007 Vol 12  No. 1


“If landscapes can be called gutsy, these are definitely gutsy,” says Allan Jensen, chair of the cultural Centre Art Gallery. “She’s not thinking very much about painting within the lines,” he says.  “These are really direct paintings rather than being pretty pictures.”  Medicine Hat News, Sept 2003



A. Helwig has enjoyed sharing her work with you.  If you wish, you can leave Helwig a message.

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